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Channel 4 Coach Trip

When Channel 4 asked Buggies Lanzarote to be part of the UK hit show Coach Trip we couldn't wait to get involved. The reality TV shows recent episodes entitled The road to Tenerife stopped off here in Lanzarote, the series consisted of 40 episodes the contestants journey started in Biarritz Spain and from there they made their way down through Portugal taking part in various activities and voting for people to leave the show along the way.

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Christmas Special

Well that time of year is upon us once more, you know, the time when the nights have drawn in and we wake up in the mornings to find everything covered in frost.... oh hang on what am I talking about this is Lanzarote, even this time of year the suns up until 6 pm and as for frost, the only time you will worry about ice here is if you dont have any for your Mojitos.

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You-tuber Joe Sugg gets the buggy bug

Joe Sugg Youtube

With over 8 million subscribers to his youtube channel I think it safe to say the Joe Sugg can be seen as a bit of an Internet sensation, this summer Joe sent us an enquiring about booking one of Buggies Lanzarote off road tours for him and a group of friends.

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Matty Lee Team GB Diver

Matty Lee Team GB

Matty Lee Team GB Diver joins Buggies Lanzarote on a dusty fun filled afternoon off roading. Matty was one of the finalists in the BBC Young Sportsperson of The Year 2015. While at the Leeds Sports Awards he won Young Sportsman of the Year in 2017, 2016 and 2015

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