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You-tuber Joe Sugg gets the buggy bug

Joe Sugg Youtube

With over 8 million subscribers to his youtube channel I think it safe to say the Joe Sugg can be seen as a bit of an Internet sensation, this summer Joe sent us an enquiring about booking one of Buggies Lanzarote off road tours for him and a group of friends.

We were over the moon that Joe and his friends had chosen us over the other companies here, but as a You-tuber Joe had found our videos on our own channel and these obviously spoke for themselves and after reading our 5 star TripAdvisor reviews booking with Buggies Lanzarote would have been the obvious choice.

Joe Sugg pictured above at one of our stop off points at the Gran Karting Go Kart track in Puerto del Carmen created his 'ThatcherJoe' channel in November 2011, he reach the 1 million subscriber mark only two years later. As of 6 July 2017 he has over 8 million subscribers and over 500 million video views. Joe's videos consist of challenges, pranks, and impressions. He created 'YouTuber Innuendo Bingo', similar to the BBC Radio 1 segment and was later invited to appear on the Radio 1 segment himself.

Ok so I might not be Joe's target ordinance being a 40 something male and not a teenage girl, but when I mentioned to my teenage daughter that Joe Sugg was going on the buggies she couldn't wait to tell all her mates at school who obviously already knew Joe was here on the Island through social media. Proof enough that Joe is now a world recognised blogger and youtube star, my daughter showed me some of Joe's videos and 40 something or not I soon saw why Joe was such a popular face on youtube, here are a few of my favourite videos from his Thatcher Joe channel. 

If you are interested in following in Joe Sugg's foot steps ( or should I say tyre tracks ) around lanzarote simple click here.