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Land & Sea Tour


The Land and Sea excursion is designed to please your sense of fun and adventure both on and off land, showing you some of the treasures Lanzarote has to offer in 2 separate packages.

Island Safari ( Package 1 )

Part 1 The Buggy (2 hour)

Your 5 star adventure starts the minute you check in at the Buggy office and are introduced to your 1100cc buggy, from there you will be taken on an on and off road discovery Safari of the wonders of Lanzarote. We will be visiting breath-taking landscapes and local vineyards amongst many other interesting places including our Volcano Run, giving you unbelievable views of the awesome National Park. A scheduled stop allows for refreshments and a bite to eat, a chance for our drivers to keep you informed of the wonders around you and the opportunity to capture some incredible photos.

Part 2 The Jetski

Moored up and waiting for you to return to the Marina, our twin self-cruising Jetskis offer an altogether different journey of discovery as we lead you along some of the most breathtaking coastlines of Lanzarote. 

Splash Safari ( Package 2 )

Part 2 The Jet Boat & Crazy UFO

Jump on board the Jetboat for a thrilling trip along the coast of Lanzarote a breathtaking and quite unique experience. This part of your tour is sure to wash of the dust as it is full of soaking wet fun and adrenalin, combined with the CRAZY UFO this is an experience never forgotten as you are whisked round on the craziest sofa you ever sat on.





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2 hours tour

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